How do I find my RV lock code


If you’ve ever had to find your RV lock code, you know that it can be a long and frustrating process. However, there are some steps you can take to make the process easier. This article will walk you through what those steps are so that next time your RV key won’t work or breaks off in the door lock of your travel trailer, motorhome or fifth wheel, you’ll have peace of mind knowing how easily this issue can be resolved!

How to find your RV lock code

If you don’t have the lock code, don’t worry. There are several places where it may be hiding.

  • Check your owner’s manual, if you still have it.

  • Look on the door of your RV for a sticker with a lock code or part number on it. If there is nothing there, go to step 3.

  • Check any keypad near the door that had been used to open or close it (such as an electric or manual opener). If there is nothing written on these devices either, proceed to step 4.

  • Go inside your RV and look at another door—perhaps one inside this room—and see if you can find any stickers or markings on them telling you how to get into those parts of the rig as well!

What the process is like

The process for finding your lock code is straightforward and easy. You’ll want to start by looking around your RV, as the code may be posted in a visible location, such as on the inside of a door. If you can’t find it there, it’s time to consult the manual that came with your RV or manufacturer contact information.

Where to look

  • On the lock: If you have a key, look where your key goes into and around the knob. If you don’t have a key and are locked out of your RV, try turning the knob or handle while looking at it. You will see some numbers or letters that correspond to which number or letter on your code pad corresponds to that slot in the door frame. Numerical codes are sometimes written down on paper inside of storage compartments, glove boxes and other places accessible by an owner after entering through an exterior door with a key.

  • On a sticker attached to windows: This type of sticker is usually located near an interior latch mechanism such as window handles, so it may be difficult for someone who does not have access into your RV to locate this information unless they know exactly where each sticker is supposed to go in relation to their current position inside of this vehicle type (i.e., camper).

  • On keypads outside: These types of locks are often found on RVs parked outside overnight at campgrounds because they require no batteries but still provide an easy way for anyone who has access into them (e.g., park staff) when necessary due primarily because there aren’t any codes needed! It’s important though because these kinds do not work very well if wet weather comes through unexpectedly – especially when compared against other options available today like those described below under “Keyless Entry Systems.”

How long it takes

To find the code, you’ll need to remove your door panel. It’s probably something you’ve done before. The time it takes will depend on how much experience you have with taking doors apart and putting them back together.

If you decide to replace the lock, there are a few factors that can affect how long it takes: whether or not your RV has a simple keyed deadbolt or one with more than one cylinder; whether or not any of those cylinders were damaged in the break-in; and whether or not anyone else has attempted to access the RV since then.

The average person can usually go from start to finish in about two hours if everything goes well (and sometimes even less). However, many cases require extra steps—for example, drilling out a broken key cylinder—that may lengthen this process by an hour or two beyond what is necessary for replacing just one lock!

You can do this with a little patience!

If you can’t remember when you last used your lock code, it’s okay! Just try to think back to when you were using it and where you were. If you were at a campsite and can’t remember the exact location, try thinking about how far away from home that was. You might also check through your owner’s manual for any hints about finding your lock code (it may be printed on the inside front cover).

You should also call your dealer if there are no other options available to help unlock your RV door. They’ll be able to unlock it for free in most cases but they may charge more if they have to drive out to where you are located


I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below!

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