RISTOW Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera


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Brand Ristow
Screen Size 4.3 Inches
Product Dimensions 4.5″L x 0.5″W x 3.4″H
Compatible Devices Monitor
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【Powered By the Sun】Solar backup camera uses the sun’s rays to recharge the battery, replacing traditional vehicles’ power. Only charging the rear camera once a year with 1 hour of sufficient sunlight exposure per day. Even in the rainy season, the fully charged battery can last for 2 months of average use (2~3 times per day).
【Stable & Real-time Wireless Signal】Car back up camera systems with monitor utilizes 2.4G digital technology to ensure the stability of signal transmit which highly enhances the image reliability.Worry-free from other signal and the wrong judgments caused by the frozen image Even the speed up to 100km/h on highway driving.
【Ultra HD 5″ Monitor & Accurate Color】 5” LCD monitor with high resolution delivers a more colorful and delicate image during daytime and night. No more annoying blurry discoloration screen and picture, and displays the most ideal road condition.Ideal backup camera systems designed for different people
【Universal Rear View Camera】The signal can reach 100ft in an open area and Ideal choice for medium-sized vehicles, like pickup trucks, cargo vans, and the small classes of RVs ( Less than 33 ft). You can mount the reverse camera on the license plate to monitor as a trailer backup camera
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Why choose Solar1 backup camera?
1. True-Wireless: Everyone can install it within 5 minutes, No professional skills are required.
2. Solar rechargeable battery: You only need to charge it once a year with 30 minutes of sufficient sunlight exposure per day.
3. Real-time and true-to-life Images: It will present high-definition images whenever you want (reversing or monitoring).
4. Excellent night vision: You can see the objects 9.8ft behind under a low-light source like your reversing lights.
5. Mirror & normal optional: It can be also installed in front of the car according to your special needs.
6. Easy to disassemble: It can be switched between two cars easily.
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Quick & Effortless Installation
The true-wireless design makes the installation done in just 5 minutes. There is no wire from the monitor to the camera anymore. No drilling, no wiring! Just need a screwdriver!
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Appropriate 110° viewing angle for a better view presentation
110-degree covers around 3 lanes behind your car, which help you see all obstacles when reversing or parking.
The appropriate viewing angle of the camera can be worked perfectly with the 5-in HD monitor, to achieve the desired effect, restore a vivid and natural rear view image without any distortion or disproportionate extension of the subject, also avoid the image vignetting,soft edges issues.
Provide you with a real and true road condition for more accurate judgment while driving.
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Powered By the Sun
Solar panel can extend the battery’s working time and reduce the number of charges. Please exposed it to sufficient sunlight when installed
Noted: The solar panel can’t fully replace the USB charging, you still need to charge it with USB plug sometimes.
Adjustable Working Time
The display time can be set into 45S/60S/90S, and it will enter into the standby mode automatically after usage, which aims to power saving.
You can activate the monitor by pushing the button on the car charger at any time for reversing/monitoring.
Durable&Waterproof Backup Camera
The camera is IP68 waterproof standard, therefore you don’t need to worry about the car wash or the rain.
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Front and Rear Use
The camera supports mirror and original images, you could mount the backup camera both on the rear and the front. It helps you to avoid the obstacles and friction effectively.
Six Adjustable Guidelines
You can choose the perfect one from 6 different parking lines according to your needs. And the parking line could be turned off.
Washable Suction Cup
Clear the suction cup with clean water to quickly restore its performance.
Note: Place the bracket on a flat dashboard or windshield to ensure it is fully attached.
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera
Cover It Tightly
The USB port at bottom is not waterproof, please cover it back after you charge it with USB plug. or the backup camera will didn’t work
Add-on Adapter for More Cars Use
The adapter can add on the backup camera to raise or low the location of the license plate, which can effectively avoid the license plate light and door handle at the top side, OR the foot pedal at the bottom side. Solar1 can be used on more cars and trucks, like Ford F150/Chevy Silverado/Toyota Prius/Fiat 500/Volvo XC90/VW camper, etc.
USB Recharge
Please fully charge your backup camera before first use with USB plug. Also, you can charge the backup camera with power bank(not included) or power plug with USB cable(included).
Note: The battery life will be halved at low temperatures. we suggest you charge it with USB cable regularly in winter.
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Solar 1 Wireless Backup CameraRISTOW Solar 1 Wireless Backup Camera